Close to finalizing the book.

Don’t like the cover.

Don’t like the typeface.

Don’t like feeling that it is no where close to perfect.

Don’t like still not being finished even more.Time to wrap this puppy up.

(OK, it’s not a puppy. It’s a book about a wheelchair-racing, serial-killer chasing, blogaholic. Maybe I should have written about a puppy instead?)

Google trouble

When a site located at doesn’t come up in a Google search for “caughill,” you know you haven’t been posting enough.

I suppose I’ll have to start trying to keep the cobwebs off this place.

Winter of Frozen Dreams

Mike Graff (another Mike from Buffalo living the good life in Wisconsin) is all set to start shooting our movie in January.

(Mike, John Besmer, and I all wrote the script – I wonder if that will make it three times as good?)

Now, if Mike would only recognize my magnetic screen presence and cast me as the lead.

This is not a blog!

Why is a writer and programmer who owns a web design company using a WordPress template on his personal web site?

Who the hell has the time to program a personal site from scratch?