Kid’s Books

I had the privilege of writing a series of original children’s books and children’s books that were adaptions of popular films and television shows.

They were all published by Golden Books in the 90s. None are still in print, but you can often find them on the Internet.

In order of publication:

The Bunny Hop – 1995 (Original story) (I think my book is being confused with a different book on Amazon. My book has nothing to do with Sesame Street.)

The Thing Under The Bed (Sounds by Me Recordable Book) – 1995 (Original story)

Animaniacs in Space Probed (Golden Talking Tales Books) – 1995 (Adaptation)

Bananas in Pajamas: At the Beach:Sound Book (Magic Corner Books) – 1996 (Adaptation)

Disney’s Hercules: The Heart of a Hero (Smart Pages) – 1997 (Adaptation)

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