Brainstorming is all wet

As someone who has always worked in creative industries, I’m not surprised that a new survey says that brainstorming sucks. Creatives have always known this. It’s only the non-creative people around them who insist that brainstorming is useful.

On the other hand, having a trusted someone to bounce ideas off of ?

That can definitely result in catching lighting in a bottle.

Considering how the media works nowadays, I’m shocked that the headline for this article wasn’t, “Trump threatens 11-year-old girl”

From a surprisingly positive article about President Trump in The Atlantic:

Last July, King took his 11-year-old granddaughter to the White House to watch Trump sign a health-care bill for the first responders to the September 11 terrorist attacks. After the ceremony, Trump scribbled his spiky signature on the speech he had just delivered; gave it to the girl; “put on this angry, stern look; and said, If I find this on eBay tonight, I’m coming after you,” King recalled.